EW 2017 Event

The I-CAN Centre will be hosting an Entrepreneurship Week from 20th – 24th November 2017.


We invite to you to attend these workshops / sessions to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, engage with high profile entrepreneur accelerator vendors and speakers. 

Entrepreneurship has proven to be a formidable driver of economic growth in South Africa, with 65% of jobs directly attributable to small business ventures.

I-CAN Entrepreneurship Week, takes place from 20th – 24th November this year, and looks to address the importance of entrepreneurship as an economic driver for local communities.

It will highlight the importance of entrepreneurship as a means of accelerating job creation, creating an inclusive economy, and serve as a platform for idea sharing and partnership building. I-CAN Entrepreneurship Week, acknowledges the Global Entrepreneurship Week, taking place globally during the month of November.

It now incorporates an expanded 4-day workshops, a market week of the same duration, promoting local vendors to showcase their products.  The Entrepreneurship Week will feature high profile speakers, who will examine and facilitate some of the key elements required to foster an enabling environment for both existing and aspirant entrepreneurs.

Access to the Entrepreneurship Week costs R100.00 including the Business Breakfast on the 24th November 2017 at 09h00. Participants will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” with all industry-led company logos and topics discussed as an endorsed of the Entrepreneurship Week. Various prizes and incentives will be awarded to participants!

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