About the Project

The uniqueness of the I-CAN Entrepreneurship Week are to promote and inspire citizens to engage in entrepreneurial ventures by starting their own business, while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors. Through the growth of entrepreneurship in local (disadvantage) communities we can address social issues such as poverty, substance abuse and hopelessness. We have earmark the word “support” throughout the whole week is a key driver for change. In addition, female entrepreneurship will have strong emphasis throughout the whole week  in addressing inequality that exist in South Africa.

The vital importance and positive contribution of entrepreneurship culture in economic and social development cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs create and bring to life new technologies, products and services and create new markets and jobs along the way. Entrepreneurs are smart risk takers, implementer’s, rule-breakers; or in a word: innovators. And like any emerging economy aiming to move ahead. In South Africa we need lots of them! Transforming ideas into economy opportunities is the crux of entrepreneurship. History shows that economy progress has been significantly advanced by pragmatic people that fly in the face of established knowledge, and always challenge the status quo. They are risk-takers who pursue opportunities that others may fail to recognize or may even view as problems or threats.

The aim of the project is to cultivate entrepreneurship amongst our people to become successful business owners and address poverty issues in our communities. This will result in communities doing business with one another in the spirit of excellence and quality service delivery.

The I-CAN Centre, Initiative of the Western Cape Government has a 4 day Entrepreneurship Week from the 20th-24th November 2017. As the month of November Focuses on Entrepreneurship globally. The I-CAN Centre aimed at supporting the community in this area.

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